Feedback & Testimonials

Read the comments and feedback from others who have attended our training here.


"Felt really involved, got lots of chances to put forward ideas. How much you know on the subject is very obvious when you're able to expand on every point. Didn't find any of it too hard but did learn a lot so it was the perfect pace."

The best bit was understanding my own stress and  anxiety and how to handle it.

"Everything was so thought-provoking, and it's a new approach which I'm excited to use,"

"I loved how engaging the sessions were. It was helpful and I learnt a lot about how young minds work."

"...positive and humble teaching attitude, very friendly and warm. The activities kept us stimulated and engaged"

"I loved learing about certain ways the brain processes information in children with trauma."

"Thank you for your amazing knowlwdge  and experince, and of course sharing it."

"What an inspiring story on how you came into thios work. Your programme is just WOW! Thank you for sharing it with us."

"Tacking such a difficult emotive subject with compassion and hope was very inspiring, thank you."

"Susie, our teacher was the best! Good voice, explainations and information."

"my mind has totally been expanded - so much of the informatio is relevent and grew my understanding of situations and people."

"Really useful course packed with great information."