Training in Trauma and ACEs for adults working with children in schools, colleges and children's homes

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Who We Are

ACE Training was set up by Brian Padden to train adults working with vulnerable children in schools, colleges and children's homes how to support children with ACES and improve their life chances.



Since 2007 Brian has gained a wealth of experience working with children. Initially as an FA football coach in grassroots football coaching football to boys and girls from 4 year old to 17 year olds. He has also worked as a sports coach in primary and secondary schools teaching PE and delivering after school sports.

Brian is qualified in counselling, child counselling, coaching and mentoring and has used these skills and extensive experience to develop mentoring activities which have helped hundreds of children across the country with emotional and low-level mental health problems.

This role developed in to mentoring children, he has won several awards as Regional and National Health Mentor and was nominated for the National Mentoring Awards Finals in 2019. From the hundreds of nominations received, Brian was delighted to be shortlisted as a finalist. 

His interest in ACES and trauma was sparked whilst studying for a Master’s Degree at Newman University where he undertook a research project into the understanding and awareness of ACES in primary schools.

Who is the training for, and what does it cover?

Any adult who works with children will benefit from understanding how a child's brain can be altered when they experince stressfull events in childhood.

The content is particularly useful for professionals who work with children with a history of abuse or neglect.

The training covers:

 - The prevelence of ACES in the UK


- .How trauma from ACES effects brain development.


 The damage to physical and mental health.

- The impact on later life.

- How ACES effect society.

- How to work with a child with trauma.

- How an adult with an understanding of trauma can prevent the damage and reverse the neurological damage.

“Adverse Childhood Experiences and trauma are having a devastating effect on children’s lives in every school in the UK, yet the awareness of it in minimal. Through my own personal experience and through the work I have done with vulnerable children over the past few years, I know that training the right people to be trauma-informed will make a huge difference to the lives and futures of very damaged and frightened children." Brian Padden

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